Monday, 9 May 2011

Wow, it's certainly been a while!

KayaaDERGCat signing back on to post a blog entry, and mainly to babble on I suppose.
Things in game are working nicely for myself at the moment, working on Rhongomiant and I'm so close to finishing the Lv80 version - 45/50. HUGE thanks to my good friends in Impeccable for all the help with Chloris, the ordeal is almost over. I would finish it today but it's update time! Ulhuadshi shouldn't be too bad, the fact it only requires 2 KIs already eases the total tediouness of it all :p and my friends can upgrade some AF+1s.

Gearwise, my Dragoon is becoming pretty pimped. Got my Lancer Plackart +2 last night, making me 4/5 on +2s. I also have the Corsesca+2 OAT which is my sexy toy. And soon to have Rhongomiant, which I have a WS set ready for Camlann's Torment. I absolutely love Dragoon, and would call it my main job right now, even though I have more "useful" jobs . .WHM BRD MNK etc. Dragoon is most definitely the job I am working on making AWESOME first ^^

Shameless Plug: I talk on Skype with my friends and we formed the So Solid Skype Crew. Malkier is the cameraman and puts up videos of us doing NMs and whatnot, having a giggle and sometimes a scream. It's lots of fun, although hearing your own voice can be a bit uh .. weird :p Check out our blog:

Well time for me to stop typing now and go do something productive. Might make a DRG xml :3 been using scripts for so long now, time for changes.

Fake Elf teabag, need to start taking screenshots again!


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