Sunday, 19 June 2011

Recent accomplishments~

Haven't posted in forever, but been busy and away being with my better half for 2 weeks. Ingame wise, I've been getting stuff done. Mainly levelled my SCH and SMN to 90 and began getting AF3 pieces for those. SMN was my first job to Level 75, and it was great to rediscover why I loved it so much back then.

Rhongo progress was halted a bit, I'm sitting on 11/50 Ulu Fangs. But the So Solid Skype Crew's focus moved on to finishing off Empyrean Weapons which is nice, and a kick up the butt for those of us (myself mainly) who find it hard to get motivated! My Rhongomiant, Simon's Armageddon, Thor's Almace and Tim's Ukonvasara are the weapons we're doing. I'm pretty excited for us all to get them done :D

Piccie dump!

R0ed during exp, got this cool screenie of my SMN and Odin

Finally finished MNK body, making me 5/5 on +1s..
Did Mercenary Camp BCNM which was good fun ^^ Nice screenshot at the end too!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rhongomiant, Level 80.

Aaah! First stage done!
Yesterday, update day was pretty awesome! Finished Rhongomiant to Level 80! I couldn't honestly find the words to say how grateful I am to everyone who helped me along the way. Finishing Chloris was a big relief and now the whole thing is becoming real to me; this is probably the biggest accomplishment for me since I started this game. A couple of days off is in order and then the Ulhuadshi spam begins!

Got my Camlann's build ready and the new update brought in some nice new pieces for DRG which is nice. Also now Carabosse drops cards for my DRG+2 feet, obtaining those will be easy as Simon and Tom both need Carabosse spammed for their Gun and Greatsword!

<3 DRG

Monday, 9 May 2011

Wow, it's certainly been a while!

KayaaDERGCat signing back on to post a blog entry, and mainly to babble on I suppose.
Things in game are working nicely for myself at the moment, working on Rhongomiant and I'm so close to finishing the Lv80 version - 45/50. HUGE thanks to my good friends in Impeccable for all the help with Chloris, the ordeal is almost over. I would finish it today but it's update time! Ulhuadshi shouldn't be too bad, the fact it only requires 2 KIs already eases the total tediouness of it all :p and my friends can upgrade some AF+1s.

Gearwise, my Dragoon is becoming pretty pimped. Got my Lancer Plackart +2 last night, making me 4/5 on +2s. I also have the Corsesca+2 OAT which is my sexy toy. And soon to have Rhongomiant, which I have a WS set ready for Camlann's Torment. I absolutely love Dragoon, and would call it my main job right now, even though I have more "useful" jobs . .WHM BRD MNK etc. Dragoon is most definitely the job I am working on making AWESOME first ^^

Shameless Plug: I talk on Skype with my friends and we formed the So Solid Skype Crew. Malkier is the cameraman and puts up videos of us doing NMs and whatnot, having a giggle and sometimes a scream. It's lots of fun, although hearing your own voice can be a bit uh .. weird :p Check out our blog:

Well time for me to stop typing now and go do something productive. Might make a DRG xml :3 been using scripts for so long now, time for changes.

Fake Elf teabag, need to start taking screenshots again!