Monday, 8 November 2010

Long Time!

Been a while since I updated, mainly a piccie dump I guess.

Cat in a box!

Finished Usu Pants
Finished Marduk's Jubbah also the hands. 14/15.. 35 feet needed!

WoE .. We did this event a little.

Sexy pose go!
Toot toot! Lots of spells after levelling BRD to 85.
Been playing BRD more often, and I like it more these days. WHM BRD and DRG tend to be my mains. With RDM only being used to solo/duo in Abyssea.

Met some new friends who make me giggle at the weekend, stuff is good :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Quick before bed.

Tired Kayaa is tired.. a few pics from the last few days:

Duoed Brooder.. no boots dropped.
4k Drakes! New highest for me
3 x 4k Sonic Thrusts on the Rampart mobs
1888 Sonic Thrust on Khimmy Boss in Ein
Baby worms in Abys-Attohwa!
RDM! Needs levelling to 85, and yes, my NIN sub is gimped ; ;
Duoed Faust and BB with Kaza for Suzy popset.
Ofc needed help from Matrixx to finish BB
That'll do, so adventures in Salvage, Abyssea and Sky. Got Viking Helm on Sunday for Sonic Thrust (why didnt I take a pic?..).. and so far its making for some sexy WS.

'Til next time.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

The road to 85!

After 7 mindless hours of Kindred Crest farming - fuck you SE, it was time to 85 DRG! So Kaza & I joined an Abyssea PT on Bugards. It went well and we capped DRG and PLD to 85 respectively. Also finished my OAT Polearm Lizard trial while we were at it:

Trial in Progress
This NM tried to eat us a fair few times
Ding! 85DRG
And AF3 head ^^
It was a long one, 5hrs to cap-ish. Honorable mention to the DRG who thinks Sonic Thrust is stronger the more haste you have! ZOMG.

More at 10 .. . 
'Til next time ~

Friday, 10 September 2010

Odin #27

17 people! We managed to glitch it somehow at about 35%, and it didnt do any TP moves at all, not even Zantetsuken. 15min kill.

Hume Face Kayaa. This was after it glitched and we began the full attack!
Our drops - not a terrible pool. We've seen worse.
Congrats guys! P head was free ;p

Thursday, 9 September 2010


So I wake up early to play, after the insane update yesterday. (SE adding pretty much perfect AF3 - who knew?) All the jobs got AWESOME AF3. DRG included which made me giddy.

And of course, Mis sends me a message on Skype, as soon as I log on:
"2 hour maint starting now"


Hope they don't do it tommorow, we have Odin to smash for the 28th time? I think.

Goodbye Homam&Turban! Soon I'll look like a real Dragoon.                         

Yea.. I get to wear a Haste +6%, Polearm Skill+7 Attk+20 helm that makes me look like the job I play! Derg-Lancer? xD (Of course, if it's easy to upgrade.. I'll do my best)

I do have other jobs .. a fair few infact, I'm just mainly DRG atm. I worked hard to gear it well, and use it in alot of my end game shells now. Next post I'll take piccies of all my 75+ jobs I guess :p

Dmg like this makes me squee! 

TaruDRG.. Mis didn't fall for it though.. ; ;

Promathia didn't stand a chance..

Yepp.. too many DRG screenshots. I'll get different ones :3

'Til next time~

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Update related boredom..

So I'm sat here, Spotify on and waiting on this update .. As we speak it's at 15% and going smoothly, weird for me tbh xD Well, Ray poked me to update my blog! So here I  am ^^

I'm trying to pimp out my Dragoon, and have been spamming Zhayolm Remnants for the 25 Ares Legs (got 15 and 35, figures). The 25 hasnt dropped yet but some of my friends who haven't done Salvage before got to try it, and they liked the experience so it's all good. In my opinion Salvage is one of the more fun, challenging events :D

Myself and Kazamaki doing what we do best! Also, DRG in Salvage :ooo (yes, I tank bosses too! fun times)

For shits and giggles, my current Salvage gear obtained and needed:

Usukane Somen, Usukane Sune-Ate, Usukane Gote, Marduk's Tiara, Marduk's Shalwar

Uncomplete :(:
Ares's Sollerets (15, --, 35), Ares's Flanchard (15, --, 35), Marduk's Dastanas (15,--,35), Marduk's Crackows (15,25,--) [Dekka can DIAF]! Morrigan's Cuffs (--,--,35)


Skadi's Chausses (--,25,35) Got these drops randomly, all jobs that can use are Lv10 or lower.. 

What I'd like in the future:
Ares's Cuirass (--,25,--)! This will be a big goal to aim for .. I have the 25 and 35 for Marduk but dont feel the need to upgrade.

And that's it for Salvage! I've been enjoying it alot recently.

So moving on, friends are fun too! My closest ones; Misart, Kazamaki, Masuyuki and Deroth are giving me lots of giggles recently. Masuyuki is a newer friend but we get on like a house on fire having ferocious nerd fights! *Adjusts her glasses* Ahem...

Askar twins! D:

Fake Taru! Late night Abyssea farm with Masu, Kaza and Yojune. No notable drops as always, Yojune finished her Pelage farming - Congrats to her!

Showing Kaza and Deroth my MH! They abused my statues ; ;

I go AFK to shower and come back to this ..

And thats it for my screenshot dump! Things are good ingame wise, I'm fairly content. Just dynamis is pretty lame, same old content and bleh. I pull through with some giggles though :D 

Til next time!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Hi all!
Welcome to my blog, it's more intended as a blog to show my screenshots and adventures in FFXI alongside my friends, and in my Linkshells (Impeccable, HadesReality and AesirKing).

More later!