Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rhongomiant, Level 80.

Aaah! First stage done!
Yesterday, update day was pretty awesome! Finished Rhongomiant to Level 80! I couldn't honestly find the words to say how grateful I am to everyone who helped me along the way. Finishing Chloris was a big relief and now the whole thing is becoming real to me; this is probably the biggest accomplishment for me since I started this game. A couple of days off is in order and then the Ulhuadshi spam begins!

Got my Camlann's build ready and the new update brought in some nice new pieces for DRG which is nice. Also now Carabosse drops cards for my DRG+2 feet, obtaining those will be easy as Simon and Tom both need Carabosse spammed for their Gun and Greatsword!

<3 DRG

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