Saturday, 11 September 2010

The road to 85!

After 7 mindless hours of Kindred Crest farming - fuck you SE, it was time to 85 DRG! So Kaza & I joined an Abyssea PT on Bugards. It went well and we capped DRG and PLD to 85 respectively. Also finished my OAT Polearm Lizard trial while we were at it:

Trial in Progress
This NM tried to eat us a fair few times
Ding! 85DRG
And AF3 head ^^
It was a long one, 5hrs to cap-ish. Honorable mention to the DRG who thinks Sonic Thrust is stronger the more haste you have! ZOMG.

More at 10 .. . 
'Til next time ~

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