Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Quick before bed.

Tired Kayaa is tired.. a few pics from the last few days:

Duoed Brooder.. no boots dropped.
4k Drakes! New highest for me
3 x 4k Sonic Thrusts on the Rampart mobs
1888 Sonic Thrust on Khimmy Boss in Ein
Baby worms in Abys-Attohwa!
RDM! Needs levelling to 85, and yes, my NIN sub is gimped ; ;
Duoed Faust and BB with Kaza for Suzy popset.
Ofc needed help from Matrixx to finish BB
That'll do, so adventures in Salvage, Abyssea and Sky. Got Viking Helm on Sunday for Sonic Thrust (why didnt I take a pic?..).. and so far its making for some sexy WS.

'Til next time.

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