Thursday, 9 September 2010


So I wake up early to play, after the insane update yesterday. (SE adding pretty much perfect AF3 - who knew?) All the jobs got AWESOME AF3. DRG included which made me giddy.

And of course, Mis sends me a message on Skype, as soon as I log on:
"2 hour maint starting now"


Hope they don't do it tommorow, we have Odin to smash for the 28th time? I think.

Goodbye Homam&Turban! Soon I'll look like a real Dragoon.                         

Yea.. I get to wear a Haste +6%, Polearm Skill+7 Attk+20 helm that makes me look like the job I play! Derg-Lancer? xD (Of course, if it's easy to upgrade.. I'll do my best)

I do have other jobs .. a fair few infact, I'm just mainly DRG atm. I worked hard to gear it well, and use it in alot of my end game shells now. Next post I'll take piccies of all my 75+ jobs I guess :p

Dmg like this makes me squee! 

TaruDRG.. Mis didn't fall for it though.. ; ;

Promathia didn't stand a chance..

Yepp.. too many DRG screenshots. I'll get different ones :3

'Til next time~

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